Monday, July 27, 2009

Upload Multiple Documents - Not shown on menu

This could be due to a corrupt Office 2007 installation on the client machine. Repair or reinstall Office 2007 on the client machine.

Or it could be due to ActiveX Security settings in the browser. Check the security settings for the applicable Zone. I.E. Check that ActiveX is allowed.

Or check in Central Admin/Application Management/Authentication Providers, select the correct Web Application and click on default. Ensure that "Enable Client integration" is set to "yes".

Friday, July 24, 2009

Top Link Bar

Not an error exactly, but the Top Link Bar doesn't highlight correctly, i.e. when you click on a subsite, the button is not highlighted.

Rather annoying, but simple to fix.

1. Site Settings
2. Top Link Bar
3. Edit the Link properties

Make sure the link is in relative URL format and includes the page, i.e. /sites/sitename/default.aspx, or /someurl/somesite/mypage.aspx

If you can't edit the link, then delete the button, and recreate it.

Thats it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

SharePoint designer Hit Counter not work after installing SP2

This blog helped me: click me.


After applying SP2, I got this error only on one site collection. Most of the lists gave returned this error. Also editing the Web Part gave this error: Cannot save the property settings for this Web Part. Incorrect function. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070001).

Resolution in this case: Site collection Locked, unlock site collection.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Import and Export using STSADM

There is a lot of information on the Web for using the import and export function of stsadm. I must say I have picked up two things that I can't find on the Web. Maybe it will be useful for you to.

Like all the other blogs/site say, make sure the patch levels are exactly the same between the origin server and destination server.

When migrating content that uses one of the 40 free templates from Microsoft, then your manifest.xml will have some funny stuff in it.

Error when trying to import:
FatalError: The content type name cannot contain: \ / : * ? " # % < > { } ~ &, two consecutive periods (..), or special characters such as a tab.

This is due to the in the content type name. To resolve it is simple, but a lot of work.

Open the manifest.xml (from your export folder, either use nofilecompression, or open the cab and extract it. Problem is, you will have to build the cab file after editing the manifest.xml)

In the 12 hive (12\Resources), open the file tsa..resx. Search in the file for text: transaction,
<data name="transaction" space="preserve">
Now we have the value with which we will replace in the manifest.xml
Name="$Resources:tsa,transaction;" will change to

And that is it. There will however be a lot of $Resources: tags. I made a script that replaces all the $Resources: with the correct value.

The other problem is, we have a tool called Quest. Now Quest has a lot of event handlers. This is to audit and track actions on SharePoint. So, when you export a site on a SharePoint Server that has Quest installed, then you export the Event Handlers as well. As in:

<eventreceiver id="6e590fc1-4538-407f-8443-faedc5a5c222" class="Quest.ITSP.Monitor.Solution.EventReceivers.CEventReceiver4Item" name="Quest.ITSP.Monitor.Solution.EventReceivers.CEventReceiver4Item::ItemAdding" webid="0faba338-278d-4cad-8f1a-93a9d64d3d1e" hostid="0faba338-278d-4cad-8f1a-93a9d64d3d1e" hosttype="Web" type="ItemAdding" sequencenumber="10064" assembly="Quest.ITSP.Monitor.Solution, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=39f564e586a37f3c" data="" filter="" credential="0">
<eventreceiver id="3b84a287-8173-436e-bd3d-148fff8b987d">

Just delete the Quest Event Receivers from the manifest.xml.

Edit: 24/07/2009: If the target server does not have Quest installed, then you should remove all references to Quest. All the EventReceivers that reference Quest, as well as:

<SPObject Id="f90f3a29-6297-40a2-bc83-c3f23be994cb" ObjectType="SPFeature" ParentId="" ParentWebId="597c735e-0060-4e20-83a9-1447040f9fce">
<Feature Id="f90f3a29-6297-40a2-bc83-c3f23be994cb" FeatureDefinitionName="Quest.ITSP.Monitor.Web" WebId="597c735e-0060-4e20-83a9-1447040f9fce" />
in the manifest file.
AND in the Requirements.xml:

<Requirement Type="FeatureDefinition" Id="f90f3a29-6297-40a2-bc83-c3f23be994cb" Name="Quest.ITSP.Monitor.Web" />

There you go!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages, ....'

When a user tries to open a site page on SharePoint, or view the Version History of a document. I don't know why this happens. [Edit] Some pages displays fine, others don't.

What you can try is to add a space to the end of the web.config file (of the affected IIS Site), and save the web.config file. Worked for me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

InfoPath - Insufficient Security Privilege

Certain users get "Insufficient Security Privilege - This form cannot be opened because it requests domain security level and is only allowed restricted security level. Contact the form author to resolve the issue."

1. Clear the Internet Explorer Cache
2. Delete all files under %UserProfileFolder%\Application Data\Microsoft\InfoPath
Should actually be only 1 file, infopath.tbs.
3. Delete the cache in %UserProfileFolder%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\InfoPath\FormCache2 - For Office 2007 or FormCache1 for Office 2003

Problem should be sorted.